Where to shoot the barber?

Taking a barber out of his own salon and ‘shooting’ him at another setting might seem off the wall – but when it comes to photography not everything has to make immediate sense. Because while location is fundamental to any commercial photo-shoot, along with the usual rudimentary (good lighting and an appropriate backdrop) tone is the clincher. The product and service being captured here was way beyond that of mere barbering, this was art, master craftsmanship – and above all an experience. And behind that was the creator of the experience who was every bit the New Renaissance Man with the modern coiffure and classic attire.
Back in the salon this modern classic mix is echoed through the chrome furniture, the throwback whiskey bar and monochrome Hollywood idol movie stills that hung from deep orange walls. Today’s man steps inside this salon to allow himself get swept away into some classic black and white movie where gents toasting gents comes with the added bonus of a great haircut.
So why photograph the barber in a stately manor and not his own salon?
Modern is new, non-committal, a tone that can be captured anywhere. Classic is set, ingrained and a tone not so easy to replicate. So we transport, recreate the experience elsewhere.
After all, that’s what photography does, it transports. And at times that takes precedence over location.

Client: Avin Sohorye – Crew Barber

Location: Bellinter House, Navan, Co.Meath

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