In launching our new website www.skydaddymedia.com we thought it only fitting to dedicate a blog to exactly that – creating a new website that won’t make you want to die in the process. Known for its hair-pulling head-scratching process, building a new website can be a long, frustrating dig into the unknown – not to mention expensive if you don’t get it right the first time. Let’s face it, in business first impressions not only count but they last – so if your website is bare, half empty or overloaded with too much content then the following ‘Bucket List’ should help.  

1. GET YOURSELF A GOOD WEB DESIGNER/WEB DEVELOPER. One that is creative and is willing to liaise with you on your vision for the site. If you don’t have a vision, they should come up with a good one for you.  A good web designer/developer won’t feck off once they get paid and will be willing to answer any reasonable outstanding queries or updates you may have regarding the new site.

2. CONTENT IS KEY. Think of your website as a shop front window for your business. If customers like what they see then they are more likely to enter and buy.  Investing in high quality visuals and text suggests pride in your business. Web designers don’t always provide web content (copying and pasting in text from a word document you provided doesn’t count) so don’t settle for less than a well formatted, textual streamlining of valid and effective content. Spell well. Don’t underestimate the gravity of errors. Whilst editing a website for a wedding dress boutique – ‘Alterations’ as a main tab was spelt incorrectly as ‘Alternations.’ Having pointed it out to the unwitting boutique owner she was horrified to think that a simple spelling mistake may wrongly reflect a lack of attention to detail in how she alters wedding dresses. But it can. So why take the risk? Building trust with your customer starts with your website.  Same with photography and videography, ensure all is of high quality.

3. PLEASE MIND YOUR LANGUAGE. And swear to keep it layman’s. As a potential customer, my eyes often glaze over when they’re assaulted with web content jargon that speaks in its own code. Knowing your business inside out is all well and good but if you can’t relay it in simple black and white terms, then your customers will be none the wiser about your products and services.

4. MAKE IT PERSONAL. It’s the one time in business you can get personal. If you believe the marketing mantra that ‘people buy people’, then show people. Real people, not stock photo people. Potential customers oftentimes like to put a face to the business so invest in individual headshots or team shots. Businesses evolve so websites are constantly updated to replace or include new staff as required. Go in front of the camera. Speak. Demonstrate how your product or service is different from the rest. It’s long been proven that videos are the best way to reach potential customers. Done the right way, they’re engaging, educational and entertaining.

To find out more about our photography, videography and web content services call 087 9157305, email: info@skydaddymedia.com or alternatively click onto our website www.skydaddymedia.com

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